Applying to AMI

AMI participants are nominated and sponsored by their employing college or university. Each institution has its own process for nominating or vetting AMI applicants.


Things to Consider Before Applying

Please apply if you know you can commit to attending all sessions. You and your sponsoring institution will benefit most through your attendance.

The fee of $600 per attendee is modest for a training experience of this quality and impact; however, it represents an investment on the part of your institution in your professional development. Make the most of it!

Each participant completes a professional development project of her choice. Participants will present about the project on final day of the final session.

Apply through Your Employing College or University

Your college or university will sponsor your participation in AMI and will have processes in place through which you may be nominated and apply.

If you want more information about who to contact at your institution, feel free to contact us, and we can help connect you.

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