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Kristina Quynn, Director of CSU Writes at Colorado State University--Fort Collins conducted a interview project in Spring 2018 that focused on the writing productivity, publishing, and career satisfaction levels of women faculty and researchers. She interviewed both women research writers at CSU (all ranks from non-tenure-track to full-professor) and Research Associate Deans and a Vice Provost to better understand the intersection of needs, perceptions, and research/writing support on campus. The project thematically suited AMI’s emphasis on training women leaders in higher education. Women faculty writers shared their thoughts about the quantity/quality of their research/artistic publishing and submissions (grants or other non-published scholarship) in light of institutional and field/disciplinary requisites. Participants within both groups were asked to share their experiences in and knowledge about their respective CSU units as well as about the disciplinary fields (national/international scholarly trends and expectations) that inform their respective units.