AMI Participants Say...

Responses from the 2018-19 AMI Cohort

Thank you to Kolby Knupp, Assistant Director of Student Money Management at FRCC, for gathering feedback from her cohort!

JENNA DAVIS, Director of Admissions, Lamar Community College

The four-session layout of AMI lends itself to developing meaningful relationships with other thought leaders in higher education.

I gained new, applicable information at each session to take home to my campus. I found myself telling everyone I knew about Dr. Leah Bornstein’s presentation on “You have the power in your hands.”

KATIE SCHMALZEL, Senior Deputy Title IX Coordinator + Director, Title IX Programs, Colorado School of Mines

It was helpful to hear about a variety of paths other women took. I am fascinated by stories, so this was really fulfilling to me. I also made some really great connections and have been sharing resources over the past few days.

MARLINDA HINES, Manager of Recruitment & Outreach, School of Education & Human Development, CU-Denver

One of the most impactful things to me about AMI was seeing, meeting and hearing from Women of Color from various colleges and universities. My aspiration is to hold positions similar to these Women and now I can truly see myself in those roles. I am grateful for the network I development through AMI who will support me in my desire to achieve my goals in higher education.

REBECCA MCCASKILL, Patron Experience Director, Colorado Springs Fine Arts Center at Colorado College

AMI has given me an opportunity to reflect on my career, and who has been influential to my career growth, in particular who my “pivot people” have been along the way. The self-assessment opportunities were so worthwhile: the Strengths Deployment Inventory was invaluable; the inclusive leadership assessment, planning my future, navigating institutional culture, and the emphasis throughout on self-awareness was significant for me.

JUDITH KLEIN, Director of Biosciences & Bioengineering, Colorado School of Mines

AMI allowed me to focus more on incorporating others’ opinions into my own views. AMI not only provides an outstanding program of presentations and activities but also entry into a network of powerful women across academic institutions in Colorado. My favorite activity was to interview one powerful woman on my campus. I was fortunate to speak to Kirsten Volpi, the Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer at Colorado School of Mines. I learnt that the most powerful woman on campus is also the coolest woman on campus and a successful career goes hand in hand with staying calm in the eyes of uncertainty.

CARRIE MCVEAN, Department Head & Professor of Biology, Colorado Mesa University

I really enjoyed meeting with women in careers with high demands and workloads. Discussing the obstacles and effects on quality of life was really enlightening to me. The academy made me consider my career and explore the idea of changing. I was also amazed at the number of participants and speakers that were in jobs that they felt they could do even without a lot of instruction and guidance. Those sort of stories inspire me to think about future careers that I would not have considered in the past.

I feel AMI has encouraged me to start looking at opportunities that I would not have considered before.  These opportunities will enrich my life and allow me to use my leadership skills to build a better community.   Leadership is important in all facets of life: volunteer, social or career goal attainment.

AMANDA ALLEE, Director of Institutional Equity | Title IX Coordinator, CU-Colorado Springs

AMI was a great networking and connection opportunity, and I would recommend it to others at my institution. The first sessions taking a deep dive into the way we operate in an ideal environment and when in conflict was incredibly beneficial. I am currently in a role that operates in conflict frequently; it was helpful to think about how to maximize my preferences to successfully navigate those situations. Two other sessions I enjoyed, that provided tangible apply immediately take-aways was the speaker from Colorado Mountain College and the 2 women from CSU Pueblo who implemented the 36 club. The first take-away was on presence versus balance. May take away from that session was, when you are in a growth period of your life your focus may be more on work, and that is ok. What is important is to be present for those you love, when not at work. After that session I set new personal boundaries. Nearly all work is done at work now. I may stay in the office a bit later, but I am not checking my email constantly or responding to something “just real quick” and taking my attention away from others when not at work. From the 36 club, I learned the simple act of spending 36 minutes a month supporting other women. I schedule 1 30-minute coffee, I write 1 thank you or congratulations note, and 1 make one supportive comment or send and positive email praising a woman I have worked with to her supervisor a month now.